my name is somerdaye; i'm 17, female, and pansexual. i make a lot of text posts and i keep things organised. i'm secretly harry styles.

+ if you're interested in following/interrogating the girl i'm in love with (non-platonically and non-ironically), she's here.

previously freddikins & nomichael & doppelzayner

ghost hunting with liam
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people i couldn’t live without

lauren | marcel | bella | bevin | meghan | lorraine | arrie

people i talk to semi-regularly and love like mad

reyna | isabella | jen | stephanie | nicole | meredith | alysha | adrienne | hannah | becca | erika | megan | elyse | ivan | megan | taylor | emili | tatiana | bushra | marina | kavita | jennifer | hannah | caitlin

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