my name is somerdaye; i'm 17, female, and pansexual. i make a lot of text posts and i keep things organised. i'm secretly harry styles.

+ if you're interested in following/interrogating the girl i'm in love with (non-platonically and non-ironically), she's here.

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got four cards in the mail today!! :’))

mary’s and chrisie’s were sparkly, so now i’m all sparkly! (and, chrisie, the snoopy envelope and card is the CUTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN) and kelly, sorry, but your candy canes got smooshed in the mail — thank you for the gesture! and MEG AWW I JUST LOVE YOU A LOT “omg zayn!!!” jesus christ


  1. stopmoffat2k14 said: yayyy i was hoping you would like it. i tried to be all one direction-y for you because i know how much you like them. i was gonna get you a harry doll at the store but my mother screamed so lol
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